A giant iceberg - which is one of the ten largest in the world - could break off anytime in Antarctica, says Jucelino Luz

A giant iceberg - which is one of the ten largest in the world - could break off anytime in Antarctica, says Jucelino Luz


A huge crack in the Larsen C ice shelf grew so much in December 2016 that now only 20 km of ice prevent the huge block of 5 thousand km² (the equivalent of 500 thousand football fields or the Federal District area) from being To drop And it will be released soon,

Larsen C is the largest ice shelf in northern Antarctica. Ice platforms are portions of Antarctica where the ice layer is over the ocean and not over land.

Jucelino Luz said that the shedding of the iceberg will leave the entire Larsen C platform vulnerable to a future breach.

The platform is 350 m thick and is located on the western tip of Antarctica, preventing the ice from dissipating.

Jucelino Luz in 1994 warned US scientists that this platform was malleable, and there would be a collapse of platform A in 1995 and of B in 2002 then, scientists began to watch it more closely because of collapses of ice shelves, Which took place right from Larsen A in 1995 and Larsen B in 2002.

In the year 2015, Jucelino Luz stated that the crack in Larsen C was increasing rapidly according to his views the critical problem would be in December 2016.

And on the date revealed, the pace has advanced to levels never seen before, advancing 18 km in two weeks.

That way, according to the researchers, what will become a giant iceberg is about to break loose - only 20 km will attach it to the platform.

Jucelino Luz says that the area that will come off in the coming months has 5 thousand km², which would result in one of the ten largest icebergs ever registered in the world.

Global warming


Jucelino Luz, however, said that the phenomenon is geographical and climatic. The crack exists for decades, but grew during a specific period after the evolution of pollutants in the atmosphere, deforestation and the burning of coal, and could worsen even more; See China, Chile, France, Spain, climatic conditions, for reasons of uncontrolled emission of pollutants in the air has affected those countries,.

Jucelino Luz says global warming anticipated the likely breakup of the iceberg ..

Above all, Jucelino Luz says that the impact of the iceberg's detachment from the rest of the ice shelf, since the rupture of Larsen B in 2002 happened very similarly, will possibly be calamitous for some coastal areas around the planet, We will have more rains, More floods, more disasters and more disappear areas compromising the lives of those who live near the sea (coastal areas)


Jucelino Luz has predicted two shootings at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport in Florida that will leave both dead and injured on January 6, 2017. The gunman will be Esteban Santiago, according to his omens. He will be carrying a military ID.



New terrorist attacks are planned between January and May 2016, using chemical weapons and bombs in some locations in Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Holland, England, Italy, Russia, Sweden, ,, Switzerland. And Turkey (whose official name is Republic of Turkey, is a Euro-Asian country)



Jucelino Luz also predicted a great flood that in the city of Rolante, distant about 115 kilometers from Porto Alegre, on January 5, 2017, the omen indicated that a storm, allied to the rupture of a dam in the interior of São Francisco de Paula , In the Serra, would cause a great flood in the municipality.


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A giant iceberg - which is one of the ten largest in the world - could break off anytime in Antarctica, says Jucelino Luz

Um gigantesco iceberg - que é um dos dez maiores do mundo – poderá se desprender a qualquer momento da Antártida, afirma Jucelino Luz

Un iceberg géant - qui est l'un des dix plus importantes dans le monde - peut se détacher à tout moment de l'Antarctique, dit Jucelino Lumière

巨大な氷山 - 世界最大の10の1である - 南極の任意の時点でオフに来ることができる、ジュセリーノ 氏は述べています

거대한 빙산 - 세계 최대의 10의 1이다 - 남극의 어느 시점에서 내려와 수있는 쥬세리노 씨는 말합니다

巨大的冰山 - 这个世界上最大的1至10 - 可以在南极的任何一点脱落,儒塞利诺说:

Iceberg enorme - el mundo es la más grande del 1 al 10 - puede salir en cualquier punto de la Antártida, Jucelino dice

Огромный айсберг - мир является самым крупным из 1 до 10 - может оторваться в любой момент в Антарктике, Жуселину говорит


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